Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Got More Cake?

These pictures were taken after we finished my Mother's Day/Birthday cake. He is licking the icing off the lid.

Reedy River Falls Park

We love warm weather and water!

Brennan was not so sure about the cold water.

He didn't mind after a while.

Huge Developmental Milestone...Sitting Up!

Brennan is sitting up without support. This is a huge developmental milestone for him because of the increased mucsle tone in his back. Earlier the muscles in his back were so tight that they would instantly tense up and pull him backwards. Thank you Mr. Steve (our physical therapist).

Friday, May 16, 2008

Family Fun At The Park

Beautiful Brennan

Many of you know that Brennan has experienced some developmental delays due to increased muscle tone. We believe this increased muscle tone is due to drug and/or alchohol exposure in utero. This picture may not mean much to some, but to us it is an answer to prayer. You can see that his hands are all the way up to the top of his head. When we began therapy, Brennan could not even get his hands past his shoulders. Good job Buddy, your hard work is paying off!!

Gotcha Day

We celebrated Xan's 2 year Gotcha Day anniversary by spending the day with Thomas The Tank Engine. Xan received his first temporary tattoo which we ended up calling a "temporarily permanent" tattoo because it didn't wash off for at least three weeks.

It was a beautiful, hot day and we had a great time. After our day with Thomas we went back to my (Julie) mom's house and had Thomas cake, it was yummy.