Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Magic Kingdom

We had a magical time at Walt Disney World. It was a hot, hot day, but the time just flew by. We waited no more than 15 minutes for any ride. Xan's favorite ride was the Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. He loved shooting all the aliens and Zurg. We rode that ride twice.

Xan shooting all those aliens. Look at that concentration!

Sasha liked it too. He and Bucky competed to see who could accumulate the most points. I am not sure who won, however, Sasha would say he did.

Inside the ride. It was really cool!

Xan drove me around the race track. He was so excited about driving his first car.

We rode dumbo. Sasha was not thrilled about having his picture made with dumbo.

This is me and Brennan on the train. This was Brennan's FAVORITE ride...can you tell. We rode it twice just for him. He had this smile plastered on his face both times. So precious!

The park was decorated for fall and I thought these wreaths were especially pretty. I would love to come back when the park is decorated for Christmas.

Sasha favorite ride was Space Mountain and he rode it three times...once with Bucky, once with me and then again with Bucky. Xan and Brennan rode their first roller coaster, Thunder Mountain and both loved it. After the fireworks, we got stuck in the park for a while because the monorail was not functioning. So everyone in the park was trying to leave by boat or bus. It took quite a while to get everyone where they needed to go. We arrived back to Uncle Mike's at midnight.

Beach Day

We made a trip to Bradenton Beach Florida on Saturday. Sorry the pics are not very good because I had the camera on the wrong setting.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Log In Date!!!

Application Submitted to Immigration: May 2, 2011
Fingerprinted: May 16, 2011
Homestudy to Immigration: May 17, 2011
LOI (Letter of Intent) submitted to China: July 22, 2011
PA (Pre-approval): August 3, 2011
DTC (Dossier to China): August 9, 2011
LID (Log In Date): 8/19/2011
LOA (Letter of Approval): should come 40 to 60 days after LID
TA (Travel Approval): should come about 2 months after LOA
Leave for China:
Gotcha Day:
Adoption Day:
Medical Exam:
Pick up passport and other paperwork:
Consulate Appointment:
Pick up Visa:
Return to USA:

Ironing with David Platt

What do you do when two of your children are out bowling with friends and the youngest is taking a nap??? You work on your ironing pile, of course. Now normally when I iron, my children (and husband) must endure a "Pride and Prejudice" marathon, but today I just really wanted to hear some good preaching. And since I have not missed any of DJ's sermon's (he is one the best preachers I know), I decided to turn on some David Platt. The sermon that I picked was from a series called "Next: the gospel and the next generation" and the sermon I picked was Biblical Manhood and Womenhood-Part 2. Here is the link if you would like to hear it in its entirety:

It was awesome! Here are two things that David said that really stuck out to me. One is a challenge to young single guys and the other to women:

David Platt said to single guys, "Grow up and get ready for a wife. Move Halo and X box and Playstation down your priority list and start working your tail off for the glory of God. Work Hard. School, work, whatever it is that God called you to, commit yourself to it. Resist the ever present trend and temptation to prolong adolescence into your 20's and 30's. Grow up! Man up!.."

Then to women he says, "Incline yourselves toward wise willing submission...For the glory of Christ, live in a way that demonstrates godly respect for men. God's design is for women to desire and receive good, godly, humble male leadership. To respect a man's caring initiative to provide, to protect and to work for your good and live in a way that shows girls how to be women. Show girls what a godly inclination to follow a man's leadership looks like. Show girls how to submit to a man, to a husband, as the church submits to Christ. Teach them to look for men who display the kind of character of Christ. Teach them to guard their heart. Do not flaunt your girls around encouraging them to give their heart to whatever new guy comes their way. It's not Biblical womanhood, its irresponsible, dangerous divorce practice....Mom's keep her under your nurture until some man is able to come along and show that he will provide for her, protect her, love her and lead her for her good and for the glory of Christ..."

You should really take 50 minutes and listen to the whole thing.