Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Xan and Narnia

Xan is going through a Narnia addiction and he wants to be Peter. Here are some photos of him pretending to be Peter...this kid has one awesome imagination! The stool is his horse and the spiderman mask and sunglasses are his helmet. I love this kid!

Bucket List Part 2

Yesterday we went to Aloha and got a snow cone. However, there are not pictures of that event because there was a storm a brewin' and we had to get home quickly. And I am so glad we did because it was a doozy.

Cracker Barrel was on our bucket list! Brennan loves the chickawin dumpwins (Chicken and Dumplins).

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fun Times!

I came up with our own "Papa's gone to Puerto Rico" bucket list. We checked off two of our items this morning: 
-Breakfast at Krispy Kreme
-Visit the downtown library

Sunday, June 10, 2012

4 Months Home

This month has been much more calm. We haven't received any more shocking news and we are settling into our new normal. I continue to battle fear. Sometimes I look at Becca and fear completely floods my mind and I briefly doubt that God picked the right parents for her. Thankfully God is patient with me and doesn't smack me up against the head when I allow my fear to rule my emotions and doubt His sovereignty. At those times of fear I have to take my thoughts captive and not allow myself to think too much about the future, but rather focus on today. I have to focus on the complete joy that she is and remind myself just how much progress she has made in the four short months she has been with her forever family.

 Becca has begun Vision, Physical and Occupational therapy and will be evaluated for Speech therapy on Tuesday. She HATES therapy! Put yourself in her situation. For the first 2 1/2 years of her life she was left alone. No one made her do anything. She moved herself and she entertained herself. Now, complete strangers are making her work hard and she DESPISES it! She screams and cries. Call me calloused, but I ask that her therapists work even though she is crying. Yes, I hate to see my baby cry, and we do stop occasionally so that I can hold her and comfort her, but I know that they are not hurting her and I know that therapy is for her good.

 I would say that Becca has completely attached to me! However, in the past week, she has rejected everybody else. So, although it is wonderful that she knows that I am mommy, it is hard because I am the only person she wants and there are four other people in this home that want me too. It breaks my heart to see her reject her daddy. He is head over heels for her and she only wants mommy. Please pray that she will fall in love with her Papa. 

Thank you again for keeping us in your prayers!