Thursday, November 13, 2008

A funny story and Thanksgiving

The words you never want to hear your child utter...."Daddy, Mommy beat me. She beat me REAL bad at Target." Thankfully I have a husband who knew this could not possibly be true and did a little digging to find out what he meant before calling DSS. You see Xan and I have a little game we play. When I put him in his car seat, I buckle the bottom part of this seat belt and then I race around the car and try to get in my seat before he can get the top part buckled. Of course, Xan normally beats me (I am not a fast runner). But at Target the other day I actually beat him to my seat before he got the belt buckled. Hence the "Daddy, Mommy beat me. She beat me REAL bad at Target." In fear that he might mention this to his preschool teacher, I told her the whole story too.

A Time of Thanksgiving
God is good! He has especially been good to us this year. We along with Brennan's eye doctor determined in December 2007 that he was nearly blind (only able to distinguish between light and dark). However, we are convinced that through the prayers of faithful family and friends, God performed a great miracle and healed our baby's eyes. At Brennan's last eye doctor appointment his vision seems to be completely normal. To God Be The Glory!

Brennan is truly our miracle baby. To think that less than a year ago we wondered if he would ever enjoy looking at books or reach, grasp, and play with toys. He can do all those things today. Please continue to pray for him though, he will be starting physical therapy again because he is not walking. His legs scissor and he stands on his tippy toes when we try to get him to walk. We are sure that with some therapy, he will catch up soon.

We, of course, are so thankful for Xan. Xan is such a healthy, bright, and energetic child. He fills our lives with joy and excitement. The fact that he was born thousands of miles away and God picked him out especially for us and brought him home to us safe and healthy is a blessing and a miracle from God.

May we be found faithful in this exciting, wonderful, awesome, terrifying, exhausting, life changing task called parenting.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trunk or Treat

We had a blast at trunk or treat. There were about 2,000 people total that participated this year. I was so proud of Xan, he was so brave and didn't freak out with all the people in costumes. Not one tear was shed, although he did stick VERY close to mommy. He is such a sweet kid, but it takes a while for him to warm up to new and different situations.

I bet you will never guesss what Xan was (LOL)...Thomas the Train, of course! Bucky and I actually gave this costume to Xan for his birthday because we knew he would be reluctant to wear it. That was a brilliant idea, he didn't even touch it, let alone wear it, for atleast two weeks after his birthday party.

Brennan was a bee, by far the cutest bee I have ever seen.

He even had a stinger.