Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Consin Fun

Here are more pictures from my mom and sister's visit. I am so glad we have a pool, otherwise we would have been bored to tears inside because it is far too hot to be outside if you are not in the water.

Xan picked up right where he left off last summer. He is doing great in the pool and has even gone without his swimmies a couple of times. He can touch the bottom while his head remains above the water in the shallow end.

Israel is a rough and tough little fella, he wasn't afraid of the diving board.

Playing outside after dinner...

Sasha has his own bicycle, not sure why he is riding the tricycle. And NO that is not my dog.

Day at the beach

My mom, sister and her three kids, me and my three kids all went to the beach for a day last week. We had a great time. My kids and their cousins don't get to play together often since they live 7 hours apart, but they played very well together.

The birds knew Sasha had food in his hands...and they were coming to get it. Hilarious!

Look at that tongue. Now that is concentration.
My mom with ALL her grandkids, she was in heaven.
Sasha is such a handsome boy! I told Bucky that he might get fired when I walk up to some girl and tell her, "Get your trashy hands off my son."

He loved to stick his head in the water and let it wash up in his face. To me that would be torture, but to Brennan, it is FUN!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Last Days in Ukraine

Here are a few pictures from our last few days in Ukraine...

The next two pictures are how Xan and Brennan slept while we were waiting for our train from Melitopol to Kiev.

Brennan slept like that for 3 1/2 hours.

These pictures are of the sunset we saw while riding the train. It was magnificent!

We rode a trolley like thing up a really steep hill and this was the view of Kiev at the top of that hill. Spectacular!

I can not remember the exact name, but the tall, skinny building is a really nice hotel.

This is the former Communist Party's Headquarters. It sits on a hill called "Devil's Hill". See below for the ironic and funny story...

The story goes that many hundreds of years ago, before the buiding above existed, witches would have their parties at the top of this hill. Therefore, the locals began calling the hill, "Devil's Hill" Then, ironically, the Communist party built their headquarters on "Devil's Hill". The name fit perfectly!