Friday, February 6, 2009

1 Toddler + 1 Ivory Tuxedo = One really handsome boy!

Bucky's best friend Brian is getting married in May and we are extremely excited. Brian is one of the most Godly men we know and we have been asking God to bring him a wife. And God, in the fullness of time, brought him Mary Beth. We have all (especially Xan) fallen in love with Mary Beth and can't wait for their wedding. Bucky is the best man and Xan is the ring bearer. I decided that since Xan and Bucky would be in tuxedos the day of the wedding that we had to get Brennan a tuxedo as well so that I could have a picture of all three of my boys in tuxedos. Then I was thinking, Brennan may disappear in a black tuxedo, so we needed a white one. Bucky's mom agreed to make Brennan's tuxedo, however, she was unable to locate a pattern for a 24 month tuxedo. So, she found an ivory tuxedo online and we got it today...

Yes, he still only has those two teeth. Will he ever get more?

Daddy's Little Helper

Xan loves to help Daddy work outside. Bucky gets half of what he needs to get done when Xan is out there, but he really enjoys the time with Xan. Here are some pictures of Xan "helping" Daddy spread mulch.

Of course a boy has to get some play time in as well.

Brennan REALLY wanted to go out and help too. But, it was really cold and we all know the mulch would have gone straight into his mouth.

Does the glass door taste good?