Thursday, December 11, 2008

Contentment and A Thankful Heart

Beginning Tuesday night and all day Wednesday I had a nasty stomach virus. When I woke up Wednesday morning still feeling yucky from my upset stomach the night before, I complained to Bucky that this is one of those days that I wished my mom and/or sister lived closer so that they could come and take care of the boys so that I could stay in bed all day. (A little side note for those who may ask why didn't Bucky stay home with you. Wednesday has to be one of the worst days for me to get sick. Wednesdays for Bucky are like Sunday's for a Senior Pastor.) But God gave me several reasons throughout the day to give thanks in all things:

1. Brennan still takes morning naps.
2. Xan was more than happy to sit on the couch, during Brennan's morning nap, and watch DVDs while mommy rested on the couch.
3. Bucky came home at lunch and fixed food for the boys.
4. During their afternoon nap, the boys allowed me to sleep uninterrupted for 2 and 1/2 hours.
5. My friend Laura came over and took the boys to church. Then she and Laurel (our pastor's wife) brought them home too!

Yes, God has moved us a long way from our family, but He has blessed us with so many wonderful friends here in South Carolina. Even when I am sick, His grace is sufficient for me!


Stacy C. said...

Sorry to hear you were sick. Hopefully you're feeling better!

Jennifer said...

Girl, I had that stuff the week before it was rough... Anytime and I mean anytime you are not feeling well and Bucky has something at night to do call me and I will come and get the boys. I wish I could durning the day durning the week but I can't but on the weekends I can and at night.. I am always there for you... Glad you are feeling better.

Marsha said...

I know the feeling!!! I am sorry you were sick, hope you feel better soon!

snookmama said...

And your friend Sarah Beth would have brought you Sprite with a little straw, too, if you wanted it. That's what my Mama always did to make me feel better. I hope your 100% now.

snookmama said...

I meant you're. Agh! Typos annoy me. Sorry.