Thursday, November 26, 2009

We made the decision last year that we would not go home for Thanksgiving since we do so much traveling on Christmas Day. I am so glad we made that decision because the last two Thanksgiving Days have been so relaxed. Although I would love to spend this day with our family, I am so glad I don't have to spend 5 hours in the car. We will be enjoying Thanksgiving lunch with some good friends.

Things I am thankful for:
1. My God - It is so comforting to know He is in control. Even when things don't go the way I wanted them to, His plan and purpose for me is so much better. Because of Him, I can continue this list.

2. My Salvation - God sent His only Son to pay a penalty He did not owe. I will never understand that kind of sacrifice. Jesus was sinless, yet He took my sinfulness. He was obedient to death - even death on a cross. I will never understand that kind of obedience.

3. My husband - Bucky is a wonderful man. He is a hard worker, self sacrificing, patient, loving, and trust worthy. I love him!

4. Sasha - I wish I could hug him and tell him how much I love him.

5. Xan - He is so quirky, imaginative, and funny.

6. Brennan - He is WILD, LOUD, and CRAZY. But he is also very snuggly and cute.

7. Toilets and Toilet paper - see The Snook's blog.

8. The miracle of adoption - My socks have blessed off by my children.

9. Family - I love my family (Bucky's side included). Bucky and I have NEVER had any in-law problems. My family loves him and his family loves me.

10. Airplanes - I know, you are probably thinking "what?". You see, an airplane will be what unites us with Sasha. I am dreading the 20 to 24 hours in airports and airplanes, but that is so much better than going across the Atlantic Ocean in a boat! :-)

Happy Thanksgiving from the Rogers

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