Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School

Today was rough for this mama. Today I dropped my baby off at a big school with lots of people I don't know. Brennan did fine, but this mama cried her eyes out for a long time. Because of Brennan's developmental delays, he qualifies for the free preschool that our school district offers and today I left my baby in a big auditorium with a bunch of people I don't know. That was the most difficult thing I have ever done. Thankfully Brennan went in without hesitation. If he had cried I would have just picked him up and walked back out the door with him. But he didn't and what he has been able to communicate with me, he had a wonderful time.

Xan also started school today. He is going to the 1/2 day Kindergarten that our church offers. He did AWESOME as well. Xan sometimes has a hard time adjusting to change and I wasn't exactly sure how he would respond. But when I picked him up and asked him if the wanted to go back tomorrow, he said, "YES!!!" Some of you may be asking why I am not homeschooling Xan this year and I will tell you that I had a VERY hard time making that decision. But realizing that Xan likes structure and routine, Bucky and I felt this was the best option for Xan this year. I could provide the structure and routine he craves during the fall semester, but things are likely going to get a little crazy this winter/spring semester once we travel to and from China. Once sweet Rebecca gets home there will be lots of doctor appointments, a surgery or two and therapy appointments. I was afraid Xan's education may get lost in the shuffle. So, for those reasons we decided to send him to our church's Kindergarten and we will pick back up with homeschooling next fall.

Sasha started 9th grade today too, but he didn't want his picture taken. LOL! Perhaps because I was crying my eyes out, Sasha was very sweet to me this morning. He turned music on for while I ran (and cried) on the treadmill and he made me a huge bottle of ice cold water when I was almost done. He is such a sweetie!

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