Saturday, October 22, 2011


Sorry I haven't updated the blog recently, I am in my adoption slump which manifests itself in a deep sadness. This slump happened with Xan and it happened with Sasha (it didn't happen with Brennan because we only had three days notice that he was to be ours). It isn't a lack of faith because I am confident that God is working all of this waiting for our good and His glory. God has certainly proved to me in our adoptions that His timing is so much better than mine and I am clinging to Him. I just have the "my whole body aches to have my little girl in my arms." When we were waiting for Xan, this longing manifested itself into chronic sickness and migraines (along with the sadness) because I didn't have three beautiful, rowdy boys to keep be busy and occupied. I am so thankful for my precious sons and how, without even knowing it, they are a constant source of joy in the midst of the sadness and longing for Rebecca. Children truly are a blessing from the Lord!

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Alisa said...

Hi Julie,

So glad you left a note. I love stalkers. I'm right there with you. :o) We actually got our looonnnggg awaited call today from our agency. Yea!! LOA today. My guess is that you will get yours soon. So where is your little girl? Our little guy is in Guizhou. I hope these 3 months fly by. I'm so ready! I totally understand your post "slump". Their presence is always "there" in your mind just as your other kids are. Please let me know when you hear something. I'll be praying for you to hear something soon!!