Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Picture Bloopers & Update

This picture is Xan's,talk,talk,talk,talk...all the time!

Brennan is saying "ball".

Those are my boys and I love them so much!

Adoption Update:
We STILL don't have Brennan's birth certificate. I initially applied for his certificate in the Spring (around May). Apparently their was an error on a form and they denied our application, but never notified us that it had been denied. I called Vital Registry in Louisiana in August (when we decided to adopt Sasha) to check on the birth certificate because our social worker has to see an original birth certificate for all of us before our home study can be sent to the Dept. of Homeland Security (USCIS). That is when I was told our application had been denied. So, we completed another application and mailed it in. I called again in October only to be told that the check our adoption agency had issued to cover the cost of the new birth certificate had expired and they had denied our file AGAIN. So, I completed another application and our adoption agency mailed a new check. I then called again two weeks ago to confirm that all documentation had been received and were correct. I was told I would have the new certificate in two weeks. I waited the two weeks and still no certificate. So, I called back this past Monday and was told that our application would be worked on that day and I would receive the certificate, hopefully, next week. ANOTHER WEEK OF WAITING!!! Another week that Sasha has to stay at the orphanage.

I know that God has a specific time and date for us to go the Ukraine and we had hoped that would be this winter. But now, because of this whole birth certificate issue, it will be spring at the earliest. It could be much later if we experience any more delays. UGH, nothing in adoption is simple.

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Stacy said...

Those pictures are still cute even if they are

Hopefully all the paperwork will come through quick!