Thursday, March 4, 2010


Our dossier is complete and will be on its way to Ukraine by the end of this week. YIPEE!! However, our adoption agency has requested an extension from the Ukrainian government because our paperwork will not be ready for submission by the initial March 9th deadline. We thought we might make the March 9th deadline, but part of our paperwork has to be notarized after it arrives in Ukraine and this cannot be accomplished before many businesses and government agencies are closing for a national holiday. Therefore, our paperwork will not be notarized until after the holiday. Apparently, the Ukrainian government only accepts new adoption paperwork on Tuesdays, hence the having to wait until the 16th to submit our documents.

I am really unsure of how long it will take after the 16th before we hear anything as to when we can travel. I am a bundle of nerves and so anxious to see my son again.

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