Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stinkin' Medical Forms

Ok, I have to vent a little so that I don't cry....

On February 9th, we had our medical forms for our adoption completed by our doctor. I found out earlier this week that the form had an error on it. Not MY error or the doctor's error, an error on the form that the Ukrainian government gave us. But, even though it was THEIR error on THEIR form, they would not accept it until it was redone.

So, on Tuesday morning, I dropped off the new forms with very specific, written instructions to our doctor's office. Here were the instructions, let's see if you could follow them (keep in mind they had already done this for me about 2 weeks earlier):

1. Copy the forms onto your letterhead.
2. Complete the forms.
3. Date the forms with today's date.
4. Finally, have the forms notarized.

Seems simple enough right. I thought so too, but apparently not. What they actually did was complete the forms and THEN copied them onto letterhead. So, instead of having an original signature on the letterhead, I have a copy of a signature on letterhead. What person with a high school education thinks that is appropriate? What government agency is going to accept a piece of paper that only has a copy of a signature on it?


Jo Ellen said...

Oh Julie. Praying for that extra dose of patience for you!

Anonymous said...

Argghhh!!!!! People are so frustrating. You have a 4 year old that can follow more difficult instructions that that.