Saturday, May 21, 2011

"That was why!"

Today was Nightlight Christian Adoption's annual adoption picnic at Parris Mountain State Park. I had a wonderful time talking to fellow adoptive moms and dads. I got to talk at length with a mom and dad who have already adopted one cleft lip, cleft palate child and are in the process of adopting another. They were such an encouragement and source of some much needed information to calm my fears as far as feeding a child who has cleft palate.

I also got to speak to a couple who hosted two Ukrainian orphans at the same time we hosted Sasha. They ended up adopting those precious girls and traveled in January of 2010. They had a rather turbulent visit to Ukraine because it was the middle of winter. There was snow and ice everywhere all day, every day. She said taxi rides were scary, it was bitterly cold and they were not able to get out and go sight seeing because the sidewalks were pure ice. It was during that conversation that God very clearly said, "That was why, Julie!" You see, this family started the adoption process at the same time we did, however, they got to travel three months before we did. That was three less months away from their daughters. We, however, hit a three month road block in our adoption process for Sasha....we didn't have Brennan's birth certificate. Our homestudy could not be "complete" without that birth certificate which means our file was stuck. Nothing could move forward until that birth certificate arrived. By the end of that three month wait, the Louisiana Vital Records office knew me by name. I called them nearly everyday to make sure our application was not "falling through the cracks". BUT now I know why! We would have been a miserable mess if we had traveled in January. I would have quite literally pulled my hair out if we were not able to get our two and four year old out of our apartment everyday for fresh air and sunshine. But God knew that! So, He worked it out so that we would arrive in the Spring time when the air was warm and the snow and ice were no where to be seen.

God is good and His timing is perfect!....You might have to remind me of that if/when we hit road blocks with Rebecca's adoption.


snookmama said...

Oh, what a good reminder. I always have to remember He is in control and His delays are always about His mercy (John 11) and for His greater glory. It is harder to trust Him in the silence and the waiting than any other time in life, I think.

Christy and Kevin said...

We enjoyed meeting you and your family at the picnic. We are here to help with any questions at any time. You are so right about God's control and timing! It certainly helps to remember this when I become impatient while waiting to travel for Kanah. I hope your paper trail goes quickly too!