Monday, February 1, 2010

Rocky top, you'll always be...

home sweet home to me! The boys and I spent last week with my mom in Tennessee while daddy was gone to Bulgria. Anytime we pass by the Tennessee state sign Rocky Top always comes to mind. On Thursday, we took the kids to the Tennessee Aquarium (if you are ever in Chattanooga, you should check it out!) and then to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.

Checking out the beautiful fish in one of the salt water tanks.

The penguin's are always a BLAST to watch. You can see one swimming right above Brennan's head.

Xan is saying, "Whoa". See the butterfly on the finger.

My kids LOVE their Grandmommy!

After the Aquarium, we got on the electric bus and road to the Choo-Choo. The boys really liked riding on the public transportation and seeing a real steam engine...

Then on Friday, IT SNOWED!!! The forecast was calling for a rain/snow mix, but what we got was 4 inches of beautiful, fluffy, white snow. We even got to enjoy some snow cream. Yummy! The boys had a blast in the snow.

We went out and played right after lunch and then put the boys down for a nap. By the time they woke up, another 2 inches of snow had fallen and you couldn't even see where we had played before. My mom tried to make a snow man, but every time she would get the bottom complete, Brennan would come and tackle it, wrestle it, and smash it to the ground. He is sooo WILD!


Stacy said...

We have thought about visiting that Aquarium. Oh, I bet the boys loved that snow.Y'all got the good stuff,not all this ice.

snookmama said...

Very cute. Glad y'all had a good time and some help. :)