Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday April 23, 2010

It is 12:55 pm in Spartanburg and 7:55 pm in Kiev....
Today has been a very wonderful, relaxing day. We did not have anywhere to be or anything to do until 2:30 this afternoon. At that time our coordinator and translator met us outside our apartment and we stopped and had a snack at a Ukrainian eatery. Bucky and I tried Ukrainian Cabbage Rolls and we really liked them. It is so nice to have a translator with us, she is able to explain the new foods we are about to try. From there we went to the Center for Adoption and picked up the paperwork they had prepared to show that they have approved us to adopt Sasha.

After our appointment at the Center, we went sight seeing (but forgot our camera). But that is ok because we will have a few days in Kiev at the end of our time here. We walked and walked and walked but got to see so many new things and it was good to get out of the apartment for a few hours. While we were out, we stopped by the ticket office to purchase train tickets. There were no train tickets for tomorrows train, but our coordinator was told that several train cars were reserved, but the people who made the reservation had not called to confirm the reservation or paid any money for the tickets and in one hour they would lose their reservation if they had not called. So, to occupy the boys during that hour, we walked and got Italian ice cream at one of the local malls. Xan and Brennan got to eat blue ice cream. They really liked that! After the hour passed we walked back to the ticket office and there just happened to be the exact number of train tickets that we needed. God provided for us again.

Then even after all that walking we walked some more and found a little pizza shop and ate dinner. Now we are back to the apartment.

Tomorrow we will have another relaxing morning and then around 4:30 pm our coordinator and translator will pick us up and we will head to the train station. Our train leaves at 5:50 pm and will arrive in Melitopol, Ukraine during the early morning hours on Sunday. Xan and Brennan are so excited to get ride and sleep on a train. Our first meeting with Sasha will be sometime on Monday. We are so excited to see him again.

Well, that pretty much sums up today.

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snookmama said...

Wow, I'm getting emotional reading all of this! One thing I have prayed is that God will make this a stone of remembrance for all of you, a time when you were all together and all on an adventure in His will. I am so pleased and not suprised to see him answering that prayer in many big and small ways. Yay! Still praying!