Friday, April 30, 2010

We have a court date!

Our coordinator and translator were able to get us a court date for May 6th. We were so happy for this date because Monday and Tuesday are holidays in Ukraine and we were afraid they would not have any openings with this short of notice for the remaining three days of the week. Whew, God is AWESOME! After the court hearing we will remain in Melitopol for the 10 day waiting period (that is 10 actual days, not 10 business days). Then we will travel by mini van to Sasha's birth city to request his new birth certificate and passport which will have his new name, Leighton Sasha Rogers. This should only be a one day process. And then, I think, we will travel back to Kiev for about two days for his US Embassy doctor appointment and Embassy interview. Once that is complete, we can come HOME! Our flight, as long as things continue to go well, should be somewhere in the 20's of May. We have really enjoyed our time here, but are anxious to get Sasha home to America.

Thank you for praying for our Interpol clearances, we found out today that the clearances have been done and just have to be mailed to Kiev. One more prayer answered!

We traveled back to the orphanage today and had another meeting with the director. He is such a special man with an wonderful love for the children in his care. He granted us custody of Sasha until May 12th. We were beyond thrilled and so was Sasha. He has told the translator several times that he wants to stay with us and not go back to the orphanage. We, of course, want the same thing. Xan and Brennan have adjusted very well to having Sasha with us and Xan even said he did not want Sasha to go back to the orphanage. God is knitting their hearts together.

Well, my food just arrived, so I better go. Thank you again for your prayers!

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