Monday, April 25, 2011

Joy In The Simple Things

Today I have been overwhelmed by God's mercy in my life. He has chosen to bless me with these precious boys despite my unworthiness. I get the enormous privilege of being their mother and spending my days raising and teaching them to be men of honor, honesty, and be men of God. They are precious to me and I can't imagine where my time would be better focused than spending my days pointing them to Christ.

Sasha made the littles paper airplanes the other day and they have played and played with those things. It just reminds me how they don't need the latest and greatest toy. Just give them a paper airplane and send them outside.

You can see the airplane flying at the top of the picture.

Oh gosh, he is so handsome and has the best smile.

One of Sasha's spelling words today was "glare". I believe he's got that one down.

Brennan throwing his airplane!

I had to take some pictures of God's beautiful creation that is popping up all over our yard.

The pool looks so inviting. But don't be fooled, it is ice cold.

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