Sunday, April 24, 2011

Soccer Game #2

Yesterday was Xan and Brennan's 2nd soccer game. Xan scored his first goal! He was sooo excited and me and Bucky were so proud. In upward, the teams play 4 on 4 and, I believe, in 4 minute intervals. Brennan and Xan were in the game and the ball rolled out of bounds. I began scanning the field to find Brennan because he is normally running around, but not actually "playing" the game. I could not find him so I scanned the field again, and Brennan. I yelled at Bucky, "where is Brennan?" Bucky scanned the Brennan. I was beginning to panic when I heard a ladies voice from behind, "Julie!". I turned around, found the voice, and the lady pointed at one of the other soccer games going on. There was Brennan right in the middle of another's team game. That little fella just blesses my heart!

Yes, that is my child licking his snot!

Xan jumping up and down right after he scored his goal. So precious!

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