Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our trip to the beach....I mean the heated pool

The High Schoolers at our church had their spring retreat this past weekend and me and the boys decided to go too. The house that we stayed in was only a mile or two up the beach from the church group, so we got to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with Papa (Bucky). The retreat ended on Sunday and after the chaperones and teenagers left, Bucky joined us at our beach house and we stayed through Tuesday.

The Atlantic Ocean was far too cold to enjoy, so we spent most of our time at the indoor, heated pool.

Xan thought that jumping over Papa would be fun. By the look on his face I think it was.

All my beloveds :-)

Brennan is my adrenaline junky. He loves when his Papa hurls him into the air.

Sasha loves to wrestle with his Papa and I am happy when he gets to because that means I don't have to constantly remind him that I don't want to wrestle and play rough. This child is a "Papa hog". I am constantly saying, "ok, it's my turn to sit by Papa."

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