Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I meant for this to post yesterday...

Hello friends and family,

Right now, in Hong Kong,  it is 7:20 am. Bucky and I endured the grueling 14 1/2 hour flight from Newark to Hong Kong and so far everything has gone according to plan: all of our flights were on time, the food was good and ALL of our luggage made it Hong Kong. Our flight landed last night around 7:30 pm and by 10 we were fast asleep, however, we have been up since 5 am. So, I imagine we will be napping later.

We miss our children terribly, but I am so glad they (the littles especially) were not with us during that long flight. I am getting daily email updates from Bucky's mom and Xan and Brennan are having a blast!

Well, tomorrow is the BIG day, the one we have been waiting for. We will fly to Zhengzhou, which is about a 2 hour flight from Hong Kong, and receive Rebecca at our hotel. I still can't believe this is all happening.

Thank you for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to meet Rebecca!!! Love ya'll bunches!!
Love Chelle!!!

Brenda said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to update the blog. It is so evident that prayers are being answered on every front. Praying very specifically for Rebecca today and that her transition and attachment to you will be quick and easy for her. Love you bunches and gobs!! Brenda

crosborough said...

Praying for your entire family! Looking forward to SEEing Rebecca in your arms! Blessings!

Celinda Rosborough

Jo Ellen said...

Woo hoo! About time to change that pic at the top of your blog! Prayers for you!