Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Prayer Requests

I know many of you will be praying for us as we go to China. Here are some specific thing:

Xan and Brennan:
-that they will sleep well while they are away from home
-that God will comfort them when they are missing mama and papa.
-that they would have so much fun with their grandparents that they won't have much time to miss us.
-for God's protection and safety while me and Bucky are so far away.

-that he will be able to keep his grades up and not get overwhelmed with school
-for God's protection and safety
-that he will rest well and be ready for school
-that he will have a wonderful time with the Drake's.

Bucky and Julie:
-safe and peaceful flights
-that we will stay healthy
-that God might give opportunities to share our faith while we are away
-patience, love and long suffering if Rebecca has a hard time with the transition
-that we would be able to win Rebecca's affection quickly
-that God would give us special discernment regarding her special needs and how to care for them
-that God would keep a snow storm from hitting Chicago anytime around Feb. 8th and 9th
-that we would be able to get through Immigration in Chicago on the 9th quickly in order to make our flight home

We really have no idea what to expect here...
-Her emotions after being taken from all she has ever known and left with strangers
-her health
-for her to sleep peacefully and adjust to USA time quickly once we get home

Thank you for praying!

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Cathy Troyer said...

Dear Rogers Family, please know that we will be praying for your family during this exciting time! We are so thankful that Rebecca will be in the arms of her forever family so soon.

We look forward to keeping up with your travels via you blog!

Grace and peace,
Cathy Troyer
(on behalf of the Chapman Family and the staff at Show Hope)