Thursday, February 2, 2012


Last night was rough, Rebecca has started the grieving process. We knew it was coming, but it is never easy. As with most children, it begins at bedtime. We fed her a bottle and laid her down in her crib and at first she was just real restless and chattering (baby jibber jabber), I left her in the crib thinking she would settle herself and fall asleep. But then the screaming started so I jumped up and picked her up and held her tight, rocked her, and talked to her. She recoiled at my touch, arched her back and began beating herself on the face with her own hands. I then had to hold her precious little arms down so that she wouldn't hurt herself. We both cried and cried. In all it probably lasted about 2 hours and she fell asleep in my arms and I let her sleep in the bed with me. She slept soundly. As I was sitting on the bed rocking my screaming baby it reminded me of how we treat God and the treasure, the abundant life He offers. Our Heavenly Father is bidding us, "Come to me and I will give you rest." yet something in us makes us look back at the filth that He is delivering us from and we want  the filth more than we want His blessings, His adoption, His love.

This morning she is pretty much back to her happy self, she cried a little this morning. We are about to head down to the lobby for the free breakfast buffet. This evening we will fly to Guangzhou and tomorrow she will have a medical exam and TB test. Monday we will have the TB test read.  Tuesday is our VISA application appointment at the US Consulate where we will apply for Rebecca's VISA. Then Wednesday we will go back to the Embassy and pick up her VISA, hire a van to take us back to Hong Kong and Thursday morning we will leave Hong Kong for Chicago. 

Please continue to pray for our precious wonton!


Jo Ellen said...

Julie, what a great analogy! Praying for your family.

The Kerr Family said...

Classical music at bedtime may help. I'm sure when you are home you will establish a routine such as bath, bottle, rocking, prayer, music and bedtime. She is so blessed. Praying.