Friday, February 3, 2012

We made it to Guangzhou!

Yesterday, our hotel in Zhengzhou allowed us a late checkout so we were able to stay in our hotel room until 2:00. But even then, we had an hour to kill before heading to the airport so we walked around Zhengzhou for a while. I believe I now have some idea of how a women feels when she is 30 something weeks pregnant. Carrying an extra 20 something pounds on your abdomen (I have been wearing her in an ERGO baby carrier) is hard work especially when you have to walk up 5 flights of stairs to get to the Notary Public office. WHEW!

Rebecca was such a trooper yesterday. She was so tired on the flight to Guangzhou, but hardly fussed at all. By the time we got to Guangzhou, her diaper had leaked a little, she was hungry and tired, yet she fussed very little. Our guide, who was to be waiting for us when we exited the plane, read the board wrong and was waiting for us at the wrong gate. I don't know if you recall one of our God moments while we were in Germany on our way to get Sasha...We were standing in the Munich airport and had just realized our flight to Kiev has been cancelled. A long line of travelers had formed at the ticker counter. A women approached us, who spoke perfect English, and arranged another flight. WELL, we had a similar God moment last night...Bucky and I were standing in the airport wondering how in the world we were going to contact our guide to find out where she was. Out of no where, a lady approached, who just so happened to speak perfect English, and asked, "Can I help you with something?" AMAZING!!! I had a cell number for our guide and the mysterious lady pulled out her cell phone and called our guide for us. Within 10 minutes we were in a van headed to our hotel. To God be the glory!

Guangzhou is AMAZING! It is a huge, beautiful city of 9 million people. Today, Rebecca has her US Embassy medical appointment where she will have to have a TB test. We have a form that will hopefully allow us to pass on having all her immunization redone at this doctors visit.

Becca has made some really exciting progress the last day or so. Her eye contact is getting much better and not only is she tolerating our physical touch, she is seeking it out and allowing it linger longer. She is precious and you all are going to fall in love with her. She is incredible!

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The Kerr Family said...

I love to hear about God moments. I had one on my trainride back with Brandon. There was only one other lady in our cabin and she spoke Russian, Italian and English. She was able to explain that the ride was 12 hours, where the bathroom was, etc. Thanks for sharing.